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Richard warepam

Data Scientist & WriterGoogle Certified Data AnalystExpertise in Data Science, A.I. & Business2 x Top Technical Writer @Medium
Also currently, Working @TCS
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About me & Skills

Richard Warepam - Data Scientist & Technical Writer

1. Data Science: Proficient in statistical analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling, and data manipulation using Python and SQL.

2. Technical Writing: Specializes in making complex technical concepts accessible and engaging. Experienced in writing for platforms like Medium, newsletters, and LinkedIn.

3. Storytelling & Communication: Skilled in transforming data insights into compelling narratives.

4. Project Management: Efficient in managing and delivering projects on time, balancing multiple tasks, and meeting tight deadlines.

5. Research & Analysis: Strong analytical skills with a keen eye for detail. Proficient in conducting thorough research to inform content and data projects.
Hire me to transform your complex data into actionable insights and create content that resonates with your audience.

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